Lunar Sunset

"Lunar Sunset"

Growing up in a small central Kansas town with the major source of visual excitement being the flat earth and the sky left plenty to the imagination. The sky was always a source of excitement with the ever changing weather and wonderful sunrise and sunsets; and especially as the backdrop to the wonderful Cottonwood trees in winter. It is this imagination and atmosphere that inspires my creative work today, in which I aspire to make the visuals as beautiful as I have seen.
As a photographer I am always alert for those special atmospheric moments when my eye catches that magical fleeting visual. As an artist I always strive to create the unique, and beautiful drawing upon my ideas, experiences, and memories of nature as my source of vision.
Now with technology, my imagination is fused with the realism of photography and the freedom of painting to create "Digitally Painted Photography" that represents the atmosphere and mood of the photographed scene and is as much a part of my soul as it is the essence of the subject.

Kathy Besthorn ~